Virtual Tours

- engage visitors to visit longer
- encourage them to become familiar and comfortable with you
- invite them to become customers
- make your business stand out from the competition
- increase your business credibility

A virtual tour is a series of 360 photos linked together. The tour could be of almost any physical setting or location. Within each photo, we can add supplementary material such as info panels, flat photos, maps, links to other websites, videos, and even 360 videos!

We'll present a couple of examples of tours from very different businesses.

All Strung Out Yarns is a Guelph based knitting store. They are very specialized, with a high level of expertise in that niche. Knitters will drive a couple of hours to visit the store. And the on-line store serves all of North America. The goal of the virtual tour is to increase credibility with on-line visitors. As such, we made the tour very specialized with a high level of detail, like the business itself. To do this, we have high quality photos with excellent resolution, and minimal elements such as hotspots and info panels.
Click this link to take the tour :-) All Strung Out Yarns

Pilates in Guelph (PING) South is a Guelph based pilates studio and teaching centre. PING is specialized with world class expertise. Clients include all age ranges looking to improve their physical well being or to heal injuries and ailments. Pilates instructors come to PING for primary or advanced teacher training from all across Canada and the United States. The primary goal of the virtual tour is to show how the studio is configured to safeguard against covid-19, and the second goal is to engender a comfort level with those website visitors unfamiliar with PING. So in this tour, we keep the photo quality high but not quite as resolved as with All Strung Out Yarns, and we add informational panels.
Not quite ready for viewing. :-)

A tour doesn't need to be elaborate or even a 'tour' so to speak. It can be a single image with a strong message or an embedded story. Here's an example.